The most dynamic gaming clan in Belgium!

We hail from the top half of a tiny country, but you wouldn’t be able to tell going from our online and offline presence in the gaming community! We are a group of devoted gamers whose goal it is to bring together gamers not only from our little spot of earth, but from around the globe, and introduce games we love to ever widening audiences. If you want to game with us, join in our many social activities, or work together to promote your game, or gaming gear, to large audiences at LAN parties and conventions, look no further!

Gone are the days when gamers were sweaty teenagers hiding in their parents’ basement. These are the days when thousands of gamers come together at LANs and conventions, when eSports are as closely followed as ‘regular’ sports, and the professional gamer is respected. We strive to be on top of the latest developments, and to first and foremost have fun doing what we love, and that is to play a mighty fine video-game with a group of friends, which we love to see expanding as the years go by.

You can learn more about where we came from and what we do by having a gander on the different pages of this website, and do not hesitate to get in touch! We love to hear from you!

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