1999 marks the release of Counter-Strike, a game which has maintained an enthusiastic fan-base and a highly active competitive scene to this day. Two friends caught up in the game, Mephisto and Cerberus, manage to convince a few friends and acquaintances to join in the fun. A small group of regular gamers is formed, who focus on two things: games and fun. 

As the years go by, more and more people join the initial group of friends and an idea starts to take shape: to form an actual gaming clan which would make it easier to bring people together. Thus, 666-gamers was born. We started our non-profit organisation, created the logo, printed it on T-shirts, and made sure we sported them at LAN-parties we attended. More people join when they see us have a great time – occasionally accompanied by beer, we are a Belgian clan after all – and we game on. 

As the members increased, the need for a server arose, and we decided to rent one. Little did we know that we would soon control twelve. 

Occasionally, however, personal lives get in the way of fun and games. In 2006 the clan goes on a hiatus. We continue gaming outside of the clan. Yet, we could not stay away from each other for very long. Three years later we ended our hiatus and started back up, followed by an entire make-over of the clan’s logo and clothing designs in 2011. We proudly wore them at the thirteenth edition of Frag-O-Matic, the largest LAN festival in Belgium. We have also attended each edition of Dreamhack Sweden since 2012. 

Our increasing presence at these events – and the fun we’re having, with or without beer – attracts attention. Fortunately, the attention is positive, and we start cooperating with Alien Arena and Hyper X to sponsor our very own stand at Antwerp Expo. We acquire our own stand at Frag-O-Matic 16.1: we promote Alien Arena and organise giveaways with Mad Catz, Hyper X, Eizo, and Speed Seats. 

F.A.C.T.S, the largest comic and gaming centred convention in Belgium located in Ghent, is the next major event we have our own stand at. What we do at these events is simple: we bring the games we love to enthusiastic gamers. We set up PC’s, sport some goodies, and let the audience play games! 

That is what 666-gamers stands for: bringing gamers together and promoting games. And, most importantly, having a lot of fun while doing so! We attend gaming events such as Gamescom and Gameforce (where we are also represented) together, and when there is no event to attend, we hang out and game. Our clan is a tight-knit group where each new member is welcomed with a lot of noise and love! We look forward to getting to know you.

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